best resort for exploring Togian Islands

Located on a private beach and in a central position on Togian islands, Ale Beach resort is the perfect base for those wanting to explore this fantastic archipelago.

Ale Beach is located on Angkayo  island.
It is close to the main attractions on Togian islands  like Karina beach, jellyfish lake, Hotel California, Athol, reef 4, reef 5, sea gipsy villages.

An amazing barrier reef is just in front of the beach.
Therefore if you are on a small budget you don’t need to book trips because one of the best snorkelling spot is just few steps away from your room.

As we only have 4 rooms, here you will find a very quiet place, where you can enjoy the nature.

In Ale beach you can do snorkeling, fishing, exploring the jungle, do boat trips to other snorkeling spots or to the villages on Togian islands.

Melange village is very close to our beach  so  you can go there whenever you need. In Malenge  you can find shops and internet connection. Instead in Angkayo you can have telephone signal but not internet.

If you are bored of eating plain rice every day, here you will find a variety of food. Infact we prepare rice, but also home made bread, pasta, pizza, vegetables, fish and vegetarian meals.

Our cuisine  is  a fusion between Italian and Indonesian tradition.

We also serve a rich breakfast, that we change every day, always accompanied with a selection of different drinks(Cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, hot milk).

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